It All Started In Aunt Berta’s Kitchen…


It All Started in Aunt Berta's Kitchen

Our dear Aunt Berta had been making jams and preserves in the family kitchen all of her life. She proudly protected her handwritten recipes and kept the old family traditions alive. In 1963 together with a small community of Israel enthusiasts and supporters she left Europe, moved to the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and finally settled in the foothills of the Galilee mountains, Israel. This is where Aunt Berta’s natural talent developed into a small community business.

A bird's-eye view of a valley at the country north
Composition of Israeli figs and herbs on a natural wood surface

Many Surprises Awaited Aunt Berta In Her New Galilee Home

She encountered new and totally unfamiliar local fruits: fig, pomegranate, mango and date. Although there was no mention of these fruity delights in her traditional European cookbooks, Aunt Berta, excited by the challenge, resumed what she did best in the world – making her beloved homemade jams. Initially, she made these jams for her small community, but as rumour of her scrumptious treats quickly spread, the business took off. From then on, we have continued to make Aunt Berta’s jams, and have grown from a small family business into a large, community-owned enterprise.

Finest Fruits Exceptional Recipes Nutrient-Friendly Cooking

Our hand-picked premium fruits, are sourced from local Galilee farms, grown in soil considered one of the world’s most fertile and nutrient rich. After harvesting, the fruit undergoes our advanced, nutrient-friendly cooking process that ensures that they retain their natural goodness. But it is Aunt Berta’s 200 years old family recipes that work their magic, turning the authentic local ingredients into delights. Aunt Berta’s jams combine old and new, Europe and Mediterranean, traditional cooking with advanced techniques, and the result – a wonderful, rich, authentic and nostalgic taste.

meal with Aunt Berta marmalade
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